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Beautiful primitive, 2'x3' floorcloth area rug. Can't beat the price!!!

Наявність на складі: Товар не доступний
Артикул: 223215227587
Постачальник: thebeautifulfloorcloth (всі товари)
Місцезнаходження: Colorado Springs, Colorado
Рейтинг постачальника: 100.0 (95 і більше надійний постачальник)
Час відправки товару після заказу: 30 днi (додається до часу доставки)
Час доставки в Україну: 5-20 днів*

Вартість: 1685 грн. + 972 грн. (доставка)

Style: Naive, Primitive
Original/Reproduction: Original
Date of Creation: 2000-Now
Signed?: Signed

Ціна: 2657 грн

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This floorcloth is stenciled in a design found in the historic Joseph Lynde house. The colors used are black and dark brick red against graham cracker with a mottled chocolate-colored aging medium which tones the colors down to give the floorcloth a beautiful primitive look. I've listed this as a 2x3. Each piece is made to order, so please allow up to four weeks for shipping.


All of my floorcloths are expertly hand crafted to last. Each one is made with a heavyweight canvas primed front AND back. Then painted and given a 2” hem which adds enough weight to ensure that it will lie flat. It is then stenciled, allowed to cure, and finished with three layers of a high grade water-based, non-yellowing polyurethane, chosen for its flexibility.

I have been doing this for over six years and have supplied many homes and shops (including Colonial Williamsburg!!!) with quality floorcloths. My goal is to spread the word about this amazing and practical art form by making high quality floorcloths that anyone can afford in a wide variety of styles! You will notice that I accept Best Offers. If you can afford the full price, then please do so, as I’m not getting rich doing this =0), however if your budget doesn’t allow for the asking price, go ahead and try me. I’ll do what I can to get you the floorcloth of your dreams at a price you can afford!


Use and Care

When you receive your floorcloth, it is very important to allow it to warm to room temperature before attempting to unroll it. It’s best to let it sit next to a heat source, as the warmer it is, the more flexible the paint and polyurethane will be.

 To prep your floor, sweep it very thoroughly and make sure is it free of any debris. Even a small pebble can cause cracking over time.

                If your floorcloth has been rolled face in, it will unroll very easily. If face-out then it is wise to have a second person assist in the unrolling to prevent any buckling. Be careful to not allow any buckling or folding of the floorcloth.  

                The floorcloth may take a little time to settle down and lie flat, especially if it was shipped during cold weather. This is normal, and given a little time, your floorcloth will lie perfectly flat. In the meantime, it is imperative that the corners are weighed/tacked down to prevent someone from tripping over or accidentally kicking the edge of the floorcloth, which could possibly cause cracking, or in extreme cases, stretching of the canvas which results in buckling around the edge. A heavy book in each corner should do the trick. Also, a square of double sided heavy duty tape in each corner would work. This is only necessary temporarily (a day or two depending on the size of the rug and the temperature of the room) as your floorcloth will soon conform to the floor on its own.

                To clean your floorcloth, simply sweep and damp mop as you would the rest of your floor. Over time, if you would like to extend the life of your floorcloth, you can always add more layers of water based polyurethane. Simply apply with a foam brush, and you can walk on it later the same day! It’s a very simple project. Also, if the rug somehow becomes chipped (knocked hard against a piece of furniture, etc.) you can always touch up with a tiny bit of acrylic paint, and brush the area with a small amount of polyurethane. If it’s a very small area, you could even use a sharpie marker to disguise the chip. The maintenance on floorcloths is so very easy, you’ll surely be enjoying it for many years to come!

                Feel free to message me with any questions. I usually am able to get back to you very quickly.



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